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High performance teams happen by design not by accident.  Our High Performing Team Development Programmes and diagnostics give your teams a competitive edge, by focusing on the key elements of teamwork that truly differentiate the best teams from the ordinary.  Whether you are looking at a new start up, a tune up for an existing team or the turnaround of a failing team, we have the team to help. 


People &


"Performance First help us to win...their ability to challenge individuals and teams at all levels to fundamentally raise their game, makes them my first choice for all team, management and board development."    
Nick Fry, Managing Director  Honda Formula 1

How we help to connect People and Teams

2-Day Developing the Team Offsite in Ibiza


Team Start Up

We provide a fast track team kick-start event for those occasions you need a team formed and effective, but do not have the luxury of time. The team-build will normally be residential and take 2-3 days.  In return you will get back a team that is aligned, focused and ready to deliver great results.


Our approach is to clarify the goals, roles and processes required; design a range of activities, exercises and tools to help build trust, communication, insight and provide a powerful shared experience that accelerates the team through the stages of team development.   Perfect for project teams or new business ventures or any re-forming team.



Team Tune Up

Sometimes you know you have lost the edge, nothing is broken but, you are not as good as you need to be and something needs to change.  Our team coaches are expert at helping you diagnose and address the issues that are holding the team back and work with you to tune the performance to where it needs to be.  



Team Turn Around

From our experience, we know that team development workshops alone don’t have a sustained impact on performance. The biggest factor impacting performance is the leader of the team and the climate they create. Via coaching, observation and 360 feedback we work with your team leaders to create high performance.  Where needed we can and do provide tough feedback to individual leaders. We aim to help turn around team performance and help you to  track progress over time using our propriety tools.




As well as helping management and technical teams across the globe, we have coached Formula 1 and World Rally teams to victory.  Trained crisis management teams in the Nuclear and Oil industry and emergency teams in all three blue light services.  Our biggest assignment to-date involved 150 teams in 20 countries.  We will tailor the team-build to your requirements and use a range of facilities and partners to enhance the experience.  At the more extreme end of the challenge spectrum, we have taken teams fire fighting, adventure training, yacht racing,  commando training,  working as an F1 pit crew, to Jeux san frontiers, and even escaping from helicopters underwater!   Just let us know what you might fancy!




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