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Measuring Performance

Powerful performance measurement tools to support individual, team and organisational performance. Measure your return on investment and track progress over time.

The Performance Climate Survey® (PCS) is a unique tool that helps you create and maintain high performing leaders, teams and organisations. Used globally by some of the World’ most successful companies and by World class sports teams.   PCS is the tool of choice for organisations who understand performance and is based on over 30 years experience and research into developing world class teams in business, government and sport.

  • PCS is simple and easy to use and provides a step by step guide to understanding team performance

  • PCS helps you or your team leaders understand how to manage and motivate to dramatically turn around the performance of the team.

  • PCS  helps your team understand the drivers of high performance and to share ownership thus taking pressure off you. 

  • PCS is used with teams of any size, in any type of organisation and provides a robust means of tracking the performance of the team over time.

PCS  Climate model
Performance Climate System

L360® is a multi rater leadership development and assessment tool. It is web-based and easy to deploy. Based on our own model of leadership, L360® provides you feedback on how effective you are in leading, managing, coaching, influencing and also provides feedback on your levels of emotional intelligence and resilience.  



  • L360® is easy to use with single leaders or  across your management population.  It is totally confidential and fed back by an expert coach


  • L360® is available either using our model of leadership or can be easily tailored to your own competence framework and can be translated for you into any language.


  • L360® enables you to brand your own version making it perfect to support in-house programmes.


  • As well as the obvious benefit to the individual, L360® is designed to provide HR functions with critical performance data at the macro level. We provide an overall summary report of norm data by region, function and level. This benchmarking data can then be used to track management performance over time

For trainers and consultants wishing to develop their own branded version of L360®, or to be licensed in the use of this powerful tool please contact us  

The Leadership 360 Report

Overview Data
Competency Data
Traffic Lights
Free Text Questions

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