In the current economic climate, your ability to learn and adapt faster than your competitors gives you an edge. Whether you are going through a merger or acquisition, restructuring your organisation or implementing a change, we work with you to identify what business success would be and then coach and support you in developing solutions that work for you and motivates your people to drive the change. 



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"Performance First helped my management team to transform their thinking, radically challenge our business assumptions and deliver immediate savings in operating costs" 
Jesus Carmona, Managing Director AXA Assistance

Change and transformation

“Change the people or change the people”


We work closely with you to co-invent realistic and pragmatic solutions. We prefer to develop solutions around your existing processes and tools rather than forcing radical change on you.  However if real change is what you need and want then we do this too. 


Whilst not one of the big strategy houses, we are often called in to help clients implement change or support a PMO with the transformation practically.  We have also worked with Mckinsey & Co, BCG and PWC on major change initiatives bringing our expertise in getting buy-in and support from the organization and in putting in place OD/HR processes that work.


Coaching others through change - Creating 'change champions' and overcoming resistance is  absolutely core to our offering.  If you are facing resistance to a project let us help you to communicate the change, build resilience in your leadership, and transition through the change curve.



OD/HR Strategy Development & Implementation

Empowering the human side of your enterprise to deliver the result you want means setting up systems and processes that reward engagement and productivity. No matter how much we love our work, we do it so we

can afford the life we want to have. We can help you motivate staff to become stakeholders.

Do your current HR processes hinder rather than leverage performance? Is your PM or remuneration policy a blunt ‘one size fits all’ tool or something that really delivers improved performance?

With that in mind there are some very practical ideas that will help your team to be more engaged and motivated. 

Let us help you:


  • Establish a clear mission for each function / team linked to the overall strategy.

  • Review your values and competency framework.

  • Find the right Performance Management approach to motivate and leverage performance in every area. 

  • Develop a talent management approach that gets the right people promoted



Benchmarking & Performance Tracking

When we work with you, we come with a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind. We ask the stupid questions. We go behind the scenes to look at the underpinning people and HR strategies that define your culture and climate. We look at causal links to performance and measure your performance over time to ensure we are supporting you in addressing the real issues not just the symptoms.


So often we see inadequate or ineffective staff satisfaction surveys or benchmarking systems.  Often ignored and abused they have little credibility or value. 


We have developed an Organisation dashboard and performance tracking system that allows you to measure every team and every leader in your organisation. It will inform your talent management, identify critical areas of risk through toxic leadership and provide leaders and teams a means of focusing on improvement.  See Performance Tools for more information