Creating professional leaders who inspire others and unlock the potential of the people and organisations they lead



We help your leaders to think differently, we coach your people and teams to find solutions and work better together. We transform the way you work and perform.


Leadership and Management Development

Do you have the leaders you need in your business?

Transitioning leaders to step up to the challenges and responsibilities their role requires is too often left to chance.  Failure can result because leaders are not equipped to meet the demands, causing damage to the organisation and the individual. 


Most management training attempts to develop managers with theory or by teaching  ‘the tools and techniques required of a good manager'.  At Performance First we think differently. We want to deliver you inspiring leaders to grow your business. We therefore start with the end in mind and focus our attention on mindset.  We challenge your leaders thinking, and change their beliefs about who they are and their role as leaders.  All too often your leaders see themselves as  ‘technical experts’ or view management as something they do when they have finished their proper job!   We challenge that thinking! We work with you to develop professional, inspiring and capable leaders you and your people can trust.

Our programmes are bespoke. They are focused on you, your need and the level you require your leaders to operate at.   We are as comfortable working with the top team as we are developing your first line leaders.  We chose our team to suit your challenge. 



Coaching for Performance

Today most Executives have their own coach and for good reason.  Leadership is lonely and even the most capable leader needs support.   Our coaches have a personal track record of success in a range of industries, disciplines and other fields where performance is critical.  As such they have the skills and depth of experience to support leaders deliver first class performance.  We believe we provide probably the best coaches you can find anywhere in the World.  

In a recent invitation to tender, Performance First was asked by a major investment bank to put up 5 executive coaches for assessment in competition with 45 others. All 5 Performance First coaches were placed in the top 10.


in addition to our executive and performance coaching, We can help with:

  • Coaching skills workshops covering Core or Advanced Coaching Skills.

  • Team Coaching and Team Coaching skills workshops

  • Coaching Supervision

  • Peer to Peer Mentoring - A one day coaching / mentoring skills workshop for staff and supervisors



Assessment & Development Centres

Our assessment and development centres are designed to help you make the right selection decisions.  We work with you to create a rigorous and engaging process that will help you find the right talent for your business. Typically this involves us working together to identify the specific behaviours, values and competencies you are seeking. We then work with you to design and deliver the Assessment Centre using a range of exercises and assessments designed to gain multiple perspectives on candidate performance.  Afterwards our coaches will provide written and verbal feedback to you and the candidate. 



Crisis and Emergency Management                                                          


There are considerable threats and risks present in society and at work today. At Performance First we have a great depth of experience of managing emergencies and crises in some of the most risky businesses and environments.  With recent experience supporting change in the oil and gas industry, the nuclear industry and with experts from all three emergency services trained in disaster management and emergency response we have the expertise to help you develop plans, and procedures that work and to support you in a recovery situation and most importantly to train your people to respond quickly and effectively. 


We have a comprehensive range of leadership and team performance services and products in the areas of crisis, emergency, leadership and resilience from the very top to the bottom of any organisation:


  • Command, control and co-ordination training.

  • Preparing organisations, teams and individuals to react.

  • Planning for business survival and how to still achieve success under pressure.

  • Select and/or assess individual and collective performance.

  • Train and exercise your people in achieving success despite the odds.



Mindfulness, Resilience & Stress Mitigation


Performance is about managing emotions and dealing with pressure.  To do this we have to learn to create space, to develop coping strategies and to find balance.  The pressure on individuals today is unprecedented and we see more and more people struggling to cope. 
We understand how the mind and body work and are in a great position to help you with any resilience or stress mitigation training you need for your people.   


We have developed programmes to help managers and leaders recognise the causes and signs of stress.  We train you in identifying when and where you are most at risk and how to manage and mitigate problems.  We also work with your people to get them back up and running and to be even stronger as a result.


For individual resilience we offer custom-made programmes that focus on maximising the 4 dimensions of energy (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), improving how individuals work and enhance their quality of life by harnessing the science of high performance.  It’s not just about the hours of work you devote to your work that determines success, it’s the energy and qualities you bring to whatever hours you invest.  Each person has a finite pool or reservoir of will and discipline.  At Performance First we build on what’s already in place and create the conditions for behavioural change and ultimately increased performance and success that will last.



Keynote Speakers

We are very lucky to have on our team or through our network of associates and partners, access to some of the most exceptional people with incredible stories to tell.  Whether you seek to understand the mind of a champion or the DNA of winning teams; or want a compelling story of challenge in overcoming adversity  we can provide you with a range of options to meet your need.   Our team are hand picked champions, survivors, heroes and ordinary people who have an extraordinary story to tell.  They share the ability to inspire, coach and transform your thinking.   We will challenge even your most skeptical, draw parallels with your organisation and discuss ways to help you to raise your game.