Dr Matthew Warner

Dr Matthew


Associate Consultant

Originally from South Africa, Matt works full time as a Consultant in Emergency Medicine in London as well as a Consultant in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care for an Air Ambulance charity. His main clinical focus is the care of critically injured or unwell people in both the pre-hospital and hospital environments. For more than 8 years he has worked within the field of pre-hospital care (including air ambulances) in multiple different systems in both the UK and Australia and he has developed a clinical and non-clinical skill set to match this work. Over this time he has developed a significant interest in how both patients and those caring for them cope with the stress of trauma as well as a more general interest in how people function and work in stressful environments.

Matt uses his studies to help people from all walks of life cope better with stress. He has developed his psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and stress management work with others and has the ability to turn complex concepts into simple and practical lessons for us all.  Matt is a Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery; Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology with Basic Medical Sciences and has Diplomas in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine, Immediate Medical Care, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Stress Management and Resilience Training. He is trained in and a keen proponent of Crew Resource Management (as used in the aerospace and medical fields). He has also trained with the Royal Navy as a Trauma Risk Management Team Leader.