Developing the Team!

Following 9 months of Team and Leadership development work across all aspects of the business, Performance First conducted a 140-person, two-day offsite for a fantastic client in Ibiza. Watch the video below which shows highlights from the event!

We’d worked with them intimately over the winter months, put them through their paces and got them working much better together; this Ibiza trip was the Grand Finale of some of this high performance team training. The aim was to develop a strong one-team ethos; to develop a High Performance Team mentality; to get to know each other better; and to have some fun! The difference from last October (2017), to this engaged, high energy, motivated and integrated Team in Ibiza, was extraordinary.

What a privilege it has been to work with this lot, and how excited we all are at Performance First to now be looking at the next stage of leader, team and organisation development with them.

What a great partnership!

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